BioMedEng19 Presentation Guidelines

Poster Presentation Guidelines

Your poster should be prepared and printed in a PORTRAIT format, using A0 dimensions of 841 x 1189mm or 33.1 x 46.8in (width x height).
Posters that deviate from these guidelines will not be displayed.


Note that specific posters will be presented on specific days. Velcro adhesives will be provided for posters to be mounted on boards in the Queen’s Tower Rooms. Posters should be mounted on the allocated boards by 09:00  and takedown by 3:30 pm. A copy of the draft conference schedule is available here.

Uploading Oral Presentation Slides

All oral presentation slides must be uploaded using the below form to the BioMedEng19 DropBox by 13:00 on the 3rd September 2019. To keep to time, please note that you won’t be allowed to upload your slides during the session.

All presentation files including videos should be saved in a folder using the file name format: FirstName_LastName_ SessionName_BioMedEng19.


Please refer to the draft BioMedEng19 Schedule for more information on the parallel scientific sessions. 

Slides will be projected at 16:9

The Oral Presentation portal is now closed. If you are yet to submit your presentation, please bring it with you when presenting on a USB stick, ensuring that the file is either a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation or Adobe PDF file.